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Don Mouth naturalization and Portlands Flood project.

August 7, 2020 11:49 am Published by

Over the last few decades the Don River has become a go to place for people to exercise, get away from the concrete jungle and to have a good time with their time off. The mouth of the Don River where it flows into lake Ontario is an industrial eyesore. It’s not just an eyesore but also has become a flooding issue when we get major storms. When the Don floods so does the Don Valley Parkway and Go transit tracks and surrounding areas.  When it floods, it really floods! With future development to the north and south of Lakeshore Blvd, a plan was developed to capture this water overflow and debris. Also, to naturalize the mouth of the Don River. This is a very big undertaking!  Currently water flows from the Don into Keating Strait, then into Lake Ontario.... View Article

Market Update

Strong market sales!

August 6, 2020 10:24 am Published by

Year over year stats can be misleading especially this year with Covid-19. Covid-19 delayed what would have been an extremely busy spring. Our spring market this year started in mid-June and continued through July and I am sure to some extent will continue into August. Traditionally July and August are slower months compared to other months for the real estate market. These current sales stats will show year over year sales have had a big swing but it’s all relative to what the market does normally for this time of year. Important info here is home prices are still climbing even though there is a large volume of leases available. To date, this has not affected the housing market with particular focus on condominiums. Investors are taking short term pain hoping for long term gain. Will this change when mortgage deferrals end?