Wow! Prices are up!

July 5, 2018 8:02 am Published by

Looking at the condo market is a story onto it’s self! 416 prices have climbed nearly 10% year over year and supply is down 6% year over year! Prices last Spring and¬†Autumn are looking pretty good right now, eh! I’m not going to tell you I told you so!¬†Across the board prices are up from last year at this time and fully detached is nearly on par year over year. We are living in an incredible city and an amazing country and we are growing. This growth puts an upward pressure on prices. The other story that is pushing prices higher is construction costs but I will talk about that another day!


510-225 Sackville Street SOLD 128% Over Asking!

July 4, 2018 8:31 am Published by

Awesome Regent Park! 225 Sackville (Paintbox Condo) is an excellent building built by Daniels Corp. This condo is centrally located in Regent Park. This building is super friendly and I highly recommend it! Unit 510 has an excellent 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom layout, not an inch of space is wasted. The unit is bright all day long with fantastic views of the Aquatic Centre and Park. Parking and locker were included with this sold unit! My goal is to maximize the potential of your property so you realize the top possible selling price!