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No one has a crystal ball!

July 11, 2020 8:31 pm Published by

but, Real Estate data can point us in the right direction. Covid-19 really made a mess of people’s plans to buy and sell property during the spring market. The spring market is the busiest time of year for Real Estate. Now that Toronto is slowly reopening, the Real Estate Market is picking up steam! Overall listings year over year are down for freehold houses and condos. What happens when you have less supply on the market? There is more demand for the properties that are on the market! June stats show year over year prices have escalated. Has Covid-19 affected the Real Estate market? It has in a big way and the entire reality of Covid-19 has not been fully played out. The alarming part of these stats are lease listings. As I write this newsletter there are over 5700 condo units... View Article